Frequently Asked Questions – Double X Aviation Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens if the flight is delayed because of weather of the aircraft has mechanical problems?

Answer: At Double X Aviation the safety of our customers is the prime focus in all our operations. Passengers will be fully briefed on the operation and safety procedures applicable to general aircraft operations and the specific requirements applicable to the aircraft to be flown.

Double X Aviation can not be held responsible for any cancellations due to weather or mechanical breakdowns should these affect accommodation, airline travel, car or aircraft hire, or any other costs to our customers in the organisation of a flight. Safety is our main concern and will not be compromised in any way.

Should the weather or mechanical issues cause a delay, the flight will be rescheduled.

Question: Can I reschedule my flight?

Answer: Yes. Please give us as much notice as possible … preferably more than 48 hours.

Question: Can I cancel my flight?

Answer: A flight may be cancelled with 24 hours notice. After this 50% of the flight fee will be charged.

Question: If I can’t make the flight, can I give it to someone else?

Answer: A flight may be transferred to someone else.

Question: What happens if I don’t turn up for my scheduled flight?

Answer: If you do not turn up for your scheduled flight a fee of 50% of the flight will be charged.

Question: How do I pay for my flight?

Answer: You can pay on line using the booking link or phone through your details we use the BNZ on line banking,cash, cheque.

Question: What do I wear for a flight?

Answer: Flat lace up shoes or boots are preferable. Jandels, thonged footwear and high heels are not permitted. You will be fitted out with a full flight suit and helmet.

Question: Should I eat before the flight?

Answer: Eat something light and non greasy. Think of a car ride on a windy road …

Question: Is there anything I should bring to the flight?

Answer: Bring a (small) camera. Make sure it has a strap

Question:Can we buy additional hats and shirts?

Answer: Yes, hats $35.

Question: Is there any thing we should know about adventure rides?

Answer: Yes. You will be asked to acknowledge that Double X Aviation operates adventure flights under privileges granted to it by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority Rules Part 115. This rule specifies the safety, weather and maintenance requirements for Double X Aviation to operate adventure flights which may require short notice rescheduling of flights.